Who am I?


24601…Just kidding, my name is Rodney. Welcome to my blog! I hope you find my blog, interesting, inspiring, funny and maybe, depressing?

As my tagline says, my life pretty much revolves around family, art and my passion for fitness, mostly through bicycles.

Married for 15 Years  to a beautiful woman named Barbara. We have 3 kids together (she has one from a previous relationship): a fierce, fashionable and friendly 14 year old Daughter, and two 100% male, jiu jitsu practicing, xbox playing, lego building  9 year old twin boys.

I am a Graphic Artist/Designer by nature, and an Art Director by occupation. I’ve been a working artist for 13 years, started doing cloud murals in peoples homes, in their nurseries to be exact. From their I studied graphic design while being a full-time Federal Express courier. Finally landed a part-time Graphic Design job and never looked back! I enjoy dabbling in all kinds of art (which you will soon see as i catch up on my blogging) from tattooing, used to do graffiti (which irritatingly now is called street art? what is that?) sketching, pencil drawing, pen drawing, acrylic painting and airbrushing. I’ve pretty much done it all.

On my spare time, when away from family and work life, my main escape, drug if you will is fitness. I enjoy circuit training, running, weight lifting, but what i mostly enjoy is riding my bicycle. I  started out as a fixed gear rider. Fixed gear, not fixie. You can even say track bike, but please don’t call it a fixie! Then as the trend of fixed gear riding evolved, I took on the world of road bikes. I still switch between riding fixed or road, i take either bike out depending on what kind of riding i plan on doing that day or night. I enjoy and appreciate all styles of riding from bmx, cyclocross, mountain biking and even commuting, which I try to do at least once to twice a week. I love cycling so much that I (alongside of a good friend fellow cylist and artist) started Cycle Love Clothing.

That pretty much sums it up about me…but i’m sure you’ll discover more as the time goes by!


20 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Hey there! Thanks so much for stopping by my lil ole blog! It seems like we share quite a few of the same interests! I have recently become a runner and biker and haven’t turned back. I am signed up to run the Cap City Half Marathon in Columbus, Ohio in May! I am jealous of your beautiful (I assume, Californian??) weather! It’s so hard in Ohio to get outside and run when it’s 20 degrees outside! Any tips for an indoor, treadmill runner (at least until the weather warms up!)??

    I look forward to following your blog and the inspiration that comes with it!

    1. Your welcome and thank you as well for reading/visiting my blog!:)
      That’s awesome and inspiring that your training for your half marathon…good luck with that! Yup I live in California, but believe me, I still get hit with the “it’s too cold/hot/windy” thing in my head when I think of working out. I’m sure it’s nothing compared to what you must go through out in Columbus so forgive me if my advice is a bit ignorant! In regards to tips/advice on treadmill work, I usually don’t like training on the “dreadmill” onnnnnly if I have to. Let me ask you this, because I don’t know, do you know of or witnessed people in the recent past running in your surrounding areas? If so, I think, in my humble opinion, instead of investing big money in a treadmill ($600-$1000) I would invest in some quality winter running gear. If it is unheard of and people would think of you insane for running in your area in the weather your experiencing, then yeah, i guess invest in a treadmill… I used to have a Pro-form brand treadmill, it was good treadmill. I would also do some cross training and intervals alongside using the treadmill. If you have any questions, let me know, and thanks again for the likes and follow!

      1. ‘ello again! No, I wouldn’t invest in a treadmill, just continue going to my gym and using their equipment. Until they start paying us teachers the “big bucks,” I can’t afford that! Hah!

        As for people running outside, they do. We’re Ohioans…we get used to the cold, but even still…man, it sucks!! But since I have no plans of leaving this great (even though it’s freaking freezing!) state anytime soon, I think you’re right. I’m going to have to invest in some cold weather gear!

      2. AshleyElaine, I live just a bit north of you (Ann Arbor, MI) and run in all weather, all seasons. I hate being cold, too, but it takes some pretty nasty conditions to get me on the treadmill. Dress in layers and use good quality synthetics, and invest in a warm hat or balaclava. Embrace our four season climate! Who’d want to run year-round at 65 degrees?

  2. Rodney, thanks for visiting fitnessat50! Don’t know if you saw any of my cycling posts, but I enjoy long rides, too. Road trips, mostly, to small towns or other interesting places. I save trails for running. Do you have any ambitions for Ride Across America or anything like that?

    1. Your welcome and thank you as welll!!! And yes I have thought of doing a ride across America… I’d love to do that possibly when i retire. As of right now i’m training for my first double century…thats all my work schedule, wife and 3 kids will allow right now! Lol

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