Starting up again.

Hi Guys! It has been a year or two since my last blog post. After much thought, I decided to give blogging another earnest go.

Life has changed much since my last post.

I’ve picked up heavylifting as my exercise of choice. Just started riding again. I’ve become the Media Director at the place where i was the graphic designer. My twin boys are now going to be in jr. High and my daughter will soon be a senior in highschool. And yes. I’m still married. 

What made me come back to blogging? Hmmmm thats a tough one.

I was once told that “the world needs to know you, so use social media for that”. I agree and though i am very active on instagram ( @outsider24601 ) Where actively follow and am followed by a beautiful array of people, i feel i want a tad more. Im not hear for gain, or popularity. Im here to again, “be known”. Thanks for reading!

Oh. And here’s a pic of my lil family celebrating my boys culmination from the 5th grade.



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