Who’s pushing who?

Is it he who is in the head of the pack or she that is trailing behind by just a couple seconds? Is it the 3rd placer that is pushing the 2nd or the other way around?
It’s pretty hard to tell! I’ve been in these situations, where I’m in the lead and and all along I’m going as hard as I could ‘cuz the 2nd placer is gaining so in a sense they are pushing me…but when the event is over the 2nd placer tells me that I was pushing them?!
Beats me…I know I’m over thinking it and now probably causing you to do the same! Lol

I was at the tail end of being sick so I chose to skip out on this workout, but I got some great pics!

Todays workout was what we like to call the “Circle of Death”. (You mac users know what that means!)

This is when we set up an obstacle course that goes around in a circle that has cones set up at various spots in the circle. Each cone has specific exercises to be performed before you go to the next cone. We set the timer for 30 minutes and go as many times around until the timer ends.

It’s a great workout with a very balanced mix of cardio, weightlifting and/or bodyweight exercises!

Let me give you a virtual tour of the “Circle of Death” mwahahaha:
And they’re off to the first cone!


First cone:
Hold squat curls (10 reps each arm)


Run to the next station…
Station 2
Mountain Climbers (30)


Run to the next station…
Station 3
Lunge to the next station (about 10 yards) checkout the good form!




Station 4
Squats (10 reps)


Station 5
Jump squats (10)



Station 6
The dreaded BURPBEES! (5 reps)



Station 7 Jumping Jack with Press (10 reps)


This routine is is a real burner. This one in particular was packed with leg exercises and full cardio (legs again) with all the running to each station.

On the competitive side, this day was a fun one to watch.

As time went by during the routine, it was very noticeable to see who was pushing hardest to stay ahead and who was trying to keep up. I could also see who was wearing out… It’s totally like watching a race go down, it’s pretty cool!

You see here where Ryan and Jaime start pushing the pace and start leaving the others behind!

The next flow of pictures are just to show how crazy it looks when the leads start peeling away from the rest of the bunch…(I am not in any way trying to humiliate anyone, it’s just a visual)

Check out the gap between the lead and the rest of the group!


Uh oh… The gap is starting to shrink!


This is what I meant earlier by asking who’s pushing who?! Because the way it looks is 1 is pushing 2 and 2 is pushing 3 (and yes you can reverse this cuz it appeared that way as well!)


And now you can see a huge gap!


And now these 2 are competely peeled off!


You can see Jaime and Ryan about to lap the other two!


Last lap and they are done!


This indeed was an awesome workout to watch… All these guys did great! I do have to hand it to this girl though!


She was pushing it her hardest, staying on the lead guys back the entire time… She wouldn’t let up!!!

If there is anything I personally want you to get from this post and photos is this:
Keep pushing where you are…1st, 2nd or last! I’t doesn’t matter, you must keep moving, you must keep keeping on! It doesn’t matter where you are at, it only matters if you keep going and never, i say NEVER, ever….quit!


5 thoughts on “Who’s pushing who?

  1. I’ve been a lifelong violator of stretching, until last summer a young woman runner taught me how to lunge. It’s the most amazing, full-body, all-in-one stretch I’d ever found… in over forty years of running. I’ve been lunging ever since. In fact, I think I’ll push away from my desk and do some right now. Great pics!

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