Weekend Recap!

It feels like forever since i’ve posted.
I have been sick for a good week now, but I had to (at the very least) give a Weekend Recap!
I really don’t know what I was going through, it felt like a combination of the cold and flu. Needless to say, I haven’t done any working out and I need to get back on it.
However, despite my physical (some mental LOL) ailments I still managed to LIVE and not lock myself up in my room and miss out on life with the fam…THANK GOD!

So Here’s my quick recap of my weekend:
My daughter drove in to the office with me for a photo shoot. (I enjoyed that!)


She ROCKED the shoot. (These photos were being texted to me as the day progressed)



While i was staining a treehouse for a photo op, I kicked the tray of stain (i’m so happy I changed out of my boots prior to staining…phew!)


I took an awesome photo of a friend taking an awesome photo of a friend skating…


Met up with some friends to catch a quick bite and and some conversation at a local town center foodcourt…




My twins (boys) and my friends twins. It’s funny how in this photo one of my boys and his girls are looking at the camera and the other ones are not…go figure!


Ended the night at starbucks chit chatting and called it the night!

Woke up early, Finally took the bull by the horns and got control of my hair situation!
Here’s a cool photo I took of my Barbershop.


Before pic of my hair… Sorry so close

After…feelin’ fresh and clean!



Went to my aunt’s 75th Birthday party that night. (The picture doesn’t do the night justice, there was a good 70ish people there, was a great celebration…lots of fun catching up with family!)

Time for cake!

Ended the night pretty early, I was still feeling sick, but all in all it was a fun night! I fell asleep watching Joe Dirt…LOL

My wife, daughter and one of the twins took off to watch our niece play in a volleyball tournament… So my other twin and I decided to get some Peruvian soup! Yum!


I started feeling a whole lot better after eating so I caught up on some house chores and just “chillaxed” with my boy.
When the rest of the fam got home, we talked about going to Disneyland, but I really wasn’t up to it since I was JUST starting to feel better (good decision!).
Had a great dinner! So glad I started eating a lil fish again so now I can use my grill! Yahoo! Tilapia and zuchinni anyone?

Ended the night talking, laughing and watching Adventure Time (it’s a funny random cartoon on cartoon network) with the wife and kids. Yay!
And now, ending my weekend doing this Weekend Recap! Goodnight. 🙂


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