Time crept up on me.

I had a realization that hit me hard as I walked my kids to school today. A realization that made me reflect on times of old.
See, my kids attend the same elementary school that I did. Not many people can actualy say that, and I’m proud that my kids not only go there, BUT they have actually met some of the same teachers that were there when I was there, and that was 40 years ago! Yikes!

As i walked them, I saw this…



The sight hit me and I immediately was brought back to my childhood.

See those trees? Especially that huge one in the forefront of the picture? When I was going to school there, those trees were JUST PLANTED!

I remember how tiny and thin they were. The trees, all trees in the pictures were no taller than 5 feet tall! They were all attached to wood splints to protect them from toppling over.

Us kids back then would challenge eachother and jump over each planter (that the trees were planted in) one after the other, and whoever would fall in them would be burned by “lava”! LOL

In my minds eye, I saw myself as a kid, running around this playground. It almost seemed like the kid I was, in my mind atleast, was a kid without care, living free of stress and worry.
A kid without insecurities and doubt.
A kid that was in the moment and
out to have fun.
Man, it felt like yesterday!
Am I still that kid?
Or did age and time taint that a bit?

I looked around, I’m standing in and around the same streets I walked as a kid. The same sidewalks I rode skateboards and bicycles on as a junior high teen. The same streets I learned to drive on as a highschooler.

I can write and write and write about all the childhood through adult memories I have stored in my head, but I already feel like i’m committing a huge blogging sin now with my rambling…sorry!

Going back to my original thought…
Wow, 40 years have passed. I didnt even notice the years go by. I drive by this school everyday…I didn’t even notice the trees had grown. It seems like they were always the tiny little trees I remembered them to be…

Now i’m walking my two boys here. It trips me out that they play on the same yard as I did. They sit in the same classes, auditorium and even cafeteria as I did.

Going to school here will inevitably be a memory in their heads one day. As they jog their memories of elementary, I’m sure they will see the same images on the playground as I do, but it will be them.

What’s crazy is, is I’m sure a couple memories will be that they went to the same elementary as their daddy which to me is cool. But the other memory will probably be “there used to be a huge tree right there…” Which to me is morbidly interesting.

In closing, I’d like to say, enjoy your life. 40 years later I can say I feel blessed to have lived and am still alive! If you only knew what I’ve been through (not a victim, but a victor!) well, i’m sure we all have stories! So feel blessed as well! 🙂

But seeing and feeling what I did today made me thankful and inspired to not waste any more time on things not worth more time than necessary… You can never get time back!

40 years crept on me. I have regrets, not many, but I want less when time creeps on me again at 80!


2 thoughts on “Time crept up on me.

    1. Thank you..and thank you for reading my story…(it was a bit of a rambling! LOL) Your comment makes my post worth risking being known as a wordy blogger! Haha! And good luck with your first one…enjoy!

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