Sprint Triathalon Success!

After all the past posts of brick workouts and lunchtime training sessions, I’m glad to say that the guys I was training with for this event did grrrreat!

I went to the “Race on the Base” in Los Alamitos, California to support and cheer for my buddies Yano, Johnny and George while they did their sprint triathalon. I trained with them so of course I wanted to see them kill it!

As I was looking for them, I happened to run into my sneaky friend/ old boss.


I call him “sneaky” cuz I JUST found out that morning that he was running the 5k that was happening prior to the tri. I was so proud of him but playfully mad at him at the same time, because we workout together and he never mentioned he was going to do an event! In fact, I noticed about 3 months ago he was running a whole lot and I would tell him to do an event with me but he would shy away from it! Arrrrg! Nonetheless, I’m still proud of him annd i still love him!
Some pics from the tri…
Here is Johnny, George and Yano at the START ready to do it!


Yano running in to T1


Here’s Yano getting ready to ride!


Cycling portion… (If you’re not familiar with this race, they do 13.1 miles worth of laps, 3 to be exact, on the actual runway of the base)



Swimming to the finish!



Like I said, these guys did great!

This was Darrin’s first event and he did the 5k in 32ish minutes! And according to his facebook post, he has “the racing bug” for future events! Yeah!
This was Yano’s 2nd year doing this event and he beat his time last year finishing at 1:15.

This is Me, George and Johnny…

George KILLED it doing it in 1:08 (he crashed on his bike and he still managed to finish strong!) Johnny finished strong at 1:13.
I’m so proud of these guys… I’m kinnnda bummed that the training for this event has come to an end…but then again, when does training ever stop?!

What did I get after all this training and competition???

A photo in front of a huge plane with one of my bikes! Yayyyy! 🙂

Btw, I don’t have my hand on my hip, I’m holding my water bottle behind me…for whatever reason! LOL


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