Your Favorite Running Shoe…And Why?

Aaaahhhhhh i recently bought myself some new running shoes. Okayyyy, thanks wifey for the new running shoes! LoL

As of late i’ve been really liking Brooks brand shoes. The shoes pictured below are the ones I used to have.
The Brooks Pure Connect.

This pair has done me good. I did my last 18.5 mile run in them.
They are very low profiled, responsive and give me the feel of a “connection” with the pavement.
I love these shoes especially when working on my running form. As mentioned before, because this shoe is very minimal and low to the ground I can feel and fine tune where i’m landing and what not. These shoes have really no heel, so it also helps me in avoiding heel striking.
One thing I have discovered though, for me, these are not shoes I want to run long runs in, especially on the pavement!
When I ran my last long run in them, I noticed they were very unforgiving and left little or no room for bad form. When landing, they just felt “dead”.
The past 2 days, I did a 5 and then a 3 miler in them, they felt fine…but then again those were only short runs! 🙂

Then I got these! Ta-daaaa!
The Brooks Pure Flow

These don’t look anywhere near as sharp as the Connects, but boy do they provide what I was looking for: CUSHION!
The Pure Flows are exactly like the Connects. The way they look (except the color), feel and fit.
I love that they are exactly like the Connects but with a thicker and more cushiony sole…and to top it all off, I got ’em on sale! Yahoooo!

I ran 4 miles in them and they felt grrrrreat…and in my not so humble opinion, I think I look great in them! LOL



9 thoughts on “Your Favorite Running Shoe…And Why?

    1. Nice! Yes I will get in some Newtons onnnnnne day when i’m not such a newb poser runner! Lol But really, all kidding aside, i do plan on some Newtons in the future… Which Model is best for distance?

      1. The distance or gravity will do you well for distance. Though the gravity has a nice rubber heel which helps if you heel strike any it will help absorb it.

  1. I have the Pure Cadence (as a bigger guy) and the Newton Distance S. however unlike some others here I don’t like my Distances for long runs. They are not as well padded and unforgiving at times. Awesome for 3-5, but past that it’s my Cadences at this time.

  2. I was über loyal to the Brooks adrenaline with a custom orthotic until I got plantar fasciitis and my PT told me I was over correcting. I ran 4 of my five halfs in one version or another if thise. He switched me to the Adidas glide and I scored the new model with the spray on no seam, no lost toenails, toe kick! Haven’t been able to put much on them yet as I am only cleared for 15 minutes at a time right now. But I really like them.

    1. Nice! And congrats on the score AND most importantly on the fact that your cleared to run! (It buns me out when i’m FORCED to do NOTHING!)

      Thanks for the honest review on the shoes and i’m going to check those addidas out!!!

      P.s. thanks for reading and the comment!!! And good luck in getting more than 15 min in …get well!!

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