Goodtimes with the Valentine(s)

Had a great Valentine’s day.
Started the morn by bringin’ the kids to school, then dropping a card off to wifey before i left to work. As a tradition I usually bring my mother flowers, so I dropped her off a card and flowers, and a lil extra to take care of the kiddies for a couple hours so my wife and I can have a lil date! Yayy! 🙂
Got to work…
Left work at 5 on the dot and battled through traffic to get to the movie theaters right on time to get lil snackies and jump right into a not so crowded showing of Hansel and Gretel (it was okay).
After the movie, we took a walk to a casual restaurant called Fish Bones (pretty good food). We had great dinner conversation, nothing too deep or serious, just enjoying our time together. After dinner we decided to get our lil valentines and spend some time with them.
We picked the kiddies up and zoomed over to the local Barnes and Nobles to hang out, browse through books and enjoy some family time.
I was glad to have had a good couple hours with my wife sans kids and then a great time wit the entire family. I guess we can have the best of both worlds… Just have to know how to work it! Yay!
This is my wifey with her lil valentines…

And that’s me with my lil valentine!



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