Happy Hour

Our version of Happy Hour consisted of a 3.8 mile run and a 16.80 bike ride after work.

Was really good. Sorry that there aren’t any pics. Due to the fact that our buddy Yano has his sprint Triathalon in 10 days, we wanted it to be as realistic as possible. (Now who would be snapping pics while running and riding as hard they could?!)

So the rules were:
No headphones.
No Drafting.
No… Sorry I can’t think of a third “No”.

Ryans (he is a beast btw) results:
Run: 3.85 miles in 25:56 (nice pace!)
Bike: 16.79 miles in 53:44 (fixed gear bike)

Yonathans ride results:


And mine:

My Ride: (fixed gear bike)


The guys did great… Was a tough workout, especially the riding. Headwinds for days!!!! Gah!
Ryan KILLED it, he maintained a great lead on the run and kept his pace on the ride. I had an okaayy run, but managed to make up my time on the bike! 🙂 Yano did great, kept a strong run, pretty much at my pace, had a great steady ride…When he rolled up I could see he could do more if time allowed…so that’s a good sign!
All in all it was a good workout.
The thing that made me happy the most was to see Yanothan happy about his progress and excited for his upcoming Tri….he’s going to do great!


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