Ride interrupted.

So I finally took a rest and now i’m feeling great! I saw that the sun was nice and the weather even nicer, so I decided to take a lil 20ish mile ride.
This is one of 8 bikes that I have in my arsenal of bikes… I name all my bikes, this one is named Loretta. (Yes after Loretta Lynn and yes, I love her music.)


The first 5 miles was great. It seemed like I was going to have a good training ride, but after the five miles, I have to admit, I just wasn’t feeling like “hitting it hard”. I have to be real with you, my fellow bloggers, I was feeling interrupted with current stresses at work, and I was struggling with turning off my thoughts. After about  another couple miles of the ride I decided to just go at whatever pace I was comfortable with and “enjoy the ride”. Once my ego, invisible trainer, and my overly obsessive about getting a good workout mind was put to rest, I decided to ride a route I haven’t done in awhile and give ya’ll a lil tour!

This pic below is of the second largest port in the world, the Los Angeles/Long Beach Port. This is where all our imports and exports take place. The bridge in the back is called the Vincent Thomas Bridge and the dock behind the palm trees is where all the cruise lines set sail out of. It’s also where old 80’s show “The Love Boat” was filmed…okay, I’ve aged myself.


The Next pic below is a place what us locals in San Pedro, California know as Sunken City. Years ago, there were shops and streets at the very point that i’m standing taking this picture. But from what I heard is it all fell to the ocean in a landslide and from what i’ve also heard is that you can actually see the remains of storefronts and streets underwater…I’ve never tried it, I’ll just take their word for it:) In the far left of the pic below is Long Beach.

Here’s another pic of Sunken City..It’s hard to make it out in the picture, but all the cement broken up there is the actual sidewalk of the city that was once there…pretty cool and sad.

So as I went about my way towards the route I usually take to get up to the “tippy top” (that’s what we call it) of the hill of Palos Verdes, my ride was ruuuuudely interrupted with this!
Turns out that there are more landslides happening in the area! Just last year about a 100 yards of this very street fell to the ocean without warning…pretty scary stuff! And yes, I probably will not ride there anymore! LOL

I turned around, well I was forced to turn around and I just continued the ride, I was enjoying it, just riding and thinking about stuff and enjoying being out. i really wasn’t paying attention to speed or distance, I just wanted to enjoy! Which I did!

I found this Lego character my boys made me in my jacket. I love skulls, so of course they hooked daddy up! I decided to mess around and take these cool pics of this character as I was standing looking over the cliff. I probably shot a good 10 of them. I was excited to show the kiddies when I got home… I think I want to take this guy around everywhere I go, so I can take a pic of him and send it to my kids so they know I’m thinking of them when I’m out!

As I was heading back, I could see the Korean Friendship Bell up top of the hill… I decided to give it a lil climb, because it’s been years since I’ve visited this famous tourist attraction. It was really cool, and of course I had to get  a pic in there!

This last photo overlooks about 10 miles of what I covered…

It was a good ride…I finally felt at peace with my thoughts, and I seemed to get direction in regards to what I was stressing about. I haven’t had a ride like this in awhile. I’m usually trying to “go hard and go crazy”, but today, I was perfectly fine with being interrupted.


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