I finally took a rest day!!! Yahoooooooo…now, I have NOTHING to doooooo! I guess I’ll write rhymes…LOL

I have to admit, I didn’t mind taking a rest day, it was cool to break the monotony of goin’ goin’ GOIN’, but it sucked feeling like I had nothing to do! Seemed like the day was dragging…it seemed like I was draggin’! Coffee PLEASE!

Monday through Friday, I usually get my workout with our lunch break workout crew, but today both designers I work with took the day off, so I was flying solo. So it kinnnnda worked out. I didn’t want to fall behind on our projects while I took off to workout, so I cancelled on everyone. Good Choice on my part, the least I can say is I was able to take care of a whole lot, so at least I know I don’t have to think about work alllll weekend. yay!

All in all I know I will benefit physically and even mentally for taking the rest day and thank you all for all the encouragement for me to take one!

Also, THANKS RYAN for RUBBING IT IN MY FACE that you got a grrreat run (i do have to say) in!!! Now that’s an AWESOME PACE,


and that’s an  AWESOME FACE!


haha I told you I should write rhymes!


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