Sure, I’ll have a brick for lunch.

Okeeee dokeee. Yikes! It is now my 11th consecutive day of exercise…when wil it stop? Nobody knowwwws! Lol it’s all good. No complaints, I’m having a goodtime, but i know rest is on its way sooooon, mayyyybe tomorrow?!:)

So for todays lunch menu we had a 1.7 mile run with a side of cycling for 6.2 miles. I do have to say, it was pretty tasty! Lol ok now i know I need rest, cuz now i’m getting deliriously corrnnnny!!! Ha!

It felt good, we all did great. Our buddies Yano and Johnny (shown in pix) are doing a sprint Tri in 13 days so i’m trying to support them by pushing them in the teardown for this event..yahoooo!

There goes Johnny and Yano…go! go! GO!


There goes Johnny!


Come on Yano…Clip IN!


Ok, for the record, I wasn’t trying to show off or show anyone up by bringing my fixed gear to the workout. I knew we were only going 6.2 miles, so I was just trying to add a lil more pain to myself by not being able to shift or coast. I’m not as cool or tough as I’m trying to sound by the way…LOL


One gear. No coasting. No Excuses. (ha! I’m soooo corny.)


Whoa! Who brought the sexy legs?! I DID.


Here comes Johnny and Yano! They are looking pretty thrashed. I love it. They will reap the benefits of this workout come race day for sure!


Uh oh! Johnny is getting out of saddle! Let’s see what he got!


I see Yano creeping up behind him!


Close the gap Yano! (Look closely at pic, I love that you can see him shifting!)


Yano is “latched on” he better hold that wheel!


I just love the sight of pacelining…especially when it’s a huge group.


What do you guys think? Should he be closer to his wheel? I think he’s pretty close! I’m sure he’s in the draft nonetheless…Good work Yano!


Johnny looking strong! Nice pull! You better hold it! (btw…loosen those elbows!)


Okay, I love you and all and I don’t want to be a jerk, but I am now going to pass you while riding with one hand and one gear, while i take this picture just so I can blog about it. Yep, I’m a JERK! LOL (We laughed about this at the end of the workout so we’re still friends:))

Johnny’s face says it all doesn’t it?

Yes we are going fast. Yes, I am riding with one hand taking this picture. Yes, this is unsafe. Annnnd yes, that is a lady in the background with a nice fore foot strike! LOL I need sleep.


I was very pleased with these guys performance. I’m sure they will do outstanding during their triathalon. I’m honored that I get to act as “trainer” and push them to a fitness that they will need when the event comes… Thanks Yano and Johnny! 13 more days…yahoooo!




2 thoughts on “Sure, I’ll have a brick for lunch.

  1. Wow not a bad lunch time workout! 11 days consecutively is a lot, your body needs to rest as much as it needs exercise so be careful not to do too much or you’ll upset the hormone balance and it could be detrimental but seriously well done! Check out my blog for more advice.

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