Time well spent.

As of late, time with my kids during the week pretty much consisted of dinner time then straight to the xbox (most the time I just sit there and watch and comment as they play).

This night I decided to do something different, something more meaningful.

I took off to the local target as they were doing their homework with mommy, and purchased a Lego board game. (My kids LOVE legos btw)

When I got home, they looked at the box and were like “Yay Legos!” But what they didn’t realize is, what they were going to build (pic below) was not just to look at but it was going to be something active, tangible and interactively fun for all of us!


We had a grrrrreat time… as you can see on this boys face (yes they are twins) they are LOVING it!


The time spent definitely was fun and interesting. It was interesting to see how they think things out in game play, one would execute without thought, and the other would hesitate and not want to hurt anyones feelings. It was cool to see how they interact with each other, I’m happy to say, my boys love eachother! What I noticed and will cherish the most was during the course of the game, as we played, we carried a conversation about school and how their day went. We had great laughs about the game and about things that happened during their day. We all had fun. We made new memories. We bonded. 🙂

I must say, it was time well spent!

Who won the game you ask? The boy up there smiling:) (And that’s the boy that didn’t want to beat anyone…go figure!)

But I can say we all were winners tonight!


2 thoughts on “Time well spent.

  1. Very cool! You hit the nail on the head, you are making your memories. Take it from a father who raised four active kids, and now plays hard with the grand kids. You live your memories.

    1. Thank you so much! I hear you loud and clear and take to heart what your saying re: “livin’ your memories”. Looks like we gotta create more then! Thanks for reading my posts and the follow!

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