Giddy & Happy at todays workout.

Been killing it on the legs as of late, so for today’s lunch break workout I planned a burner for
upper body.

7 Stations / 45 seconds each station / 5 seconds rest between / 5 rounds

Stations were:

– Push ups

– Jump Rope

– 45/lb plate curl to press to tricep extension

– Ball Slammers to gallop to ball slammers (there were two medicine balls about 7 feet apart, you slam one to the ground, gallop to the other and slam that one, keep repeating til timer goes off)

– 50 lb plank row with push up between each alternating row

– 20 lb dumbell raises

– Mountain Climbers

This workout was oh so good but oh so painful… Have I mentioned today was my 10th day straight of working out?…uggg I will get rest soon, I promise!

Had some Ladies that I haven’t worked out with in awhile show up, it was great to see them killing it today…yay!

(Yes they got modified weights for lifting LOL) They surrrre do look giddy & happy aye?!


Giddy & happy turned to thirsty after the 1st round.


Our champ Ryan waiting/contemplating/thinking of going for the 2nd round…LOL

Here he goes! Good form I must say…

J doin’ the darn thing! You go girl… I kept tellin’ them to “try and break that ball!”…they didn’t LOL

Is Garrett doing yoga or Mountain climbers??? Okay, I’ll go easy on him, he just came back from being sick for a week…Good job Garrett!


Poor Yano…. Okay, I told him I was going to say in this pic that he quit on push ups, but what reeeally happened in this pic is that when he just finished smashing out 20 I just happened to turn his way and snap a picture. He was getting ready to get back down and do some more, but I teased him and said “nope, your getting the quittage shot!” haha so, for the record, HE WAS KILLING IT TODAY! (There Yano, redemption for ya!)

30 minutes later with ending the workout with 8 minutes straight of various abs…THIS is what giddy & happy looks like! Good job guys & gals!



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