I will hurt tomorrow.

Thrashed our legs today with some circuit training…i prolly will avoid walking, getting up or sitting on the toilet tomorrow! Lol

We did 5 stations, 30 seconds each station… 5 rounds.
Exercises were:
Goblet squat with press
Jump Rope
High knees
Overhead lunge

Between rounds we did 2.5 minutes of various leg exercises, likes walking lunges, low walks, duck walks, etc..

Was a great workout! It was a great investment for my future rides and runs… Yahooo!

No i’m not resting…I wanted to make it harder by keeping my legs closer together and get as deep as a squat as possible…:)


Jumping rope is a great way to work them calves!


Nice form on the lunges guys!!!

Some low and slow walks got us all burning! Feeling good!

Annnnnnnnnnd I’m DONE!


Thanks for reading!!!


3 thoughts on “I will hurt tomorrow.

    1. Thanks! Haha I guess i’m sick as well! Haha but i’m reeeeallllly feelin’ it now….arrrgh, We had the neeve to do a 4.4 mile run today:/ we r definitely hittin’ upper body tomorrow!

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