How we end the weekend.

As of late our Sundays have consisted of Church in the morning, Lunch, Disneyland and then for Dinner…Speeding Down the 91 freeway for the Ramen House! This is exactly what we did today…it’s always a great time with my wife and kids, I wouldn’t trade my life for anything!

While i was waiting for my daughter to finish her homework, I decided to get a quick spin in on my fixed gear…


Yes, jeans, no clipless shoes but I did wear a helmet! Like i said, I just took off for a qwick spin before Disneyland..don’t judge me my fellow cyclists! LOL




Once i got back from the ride, I changed up and off to Disneyland we went!

We were pretty shocked to see how crowded it was…wasn’t it Superbowl Sunday???


It was my boys first time to do the Enchanted Tiki Room…they liked it!

Of course we had to hit Pirates!



We hung out at Disneyland for a couple hours then took off to the Ramen House…yippeee!

This is my beautiful family, my reason for living…my everything.
(This is a pic in front of the Ramen House waiting to be seated)

This is a pic of my wife and I, trying to get a pic WITHOUT kids for once, so we had our daughter take it! 🙂 My wifes a keeper, I think I am too! LoL


Thanks for reading!


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