When a long run turns LONGER!

As of late I have been trying to include big runs in my quest for fitness and fun. I do plan on doing really long runs in the future, so I know I have to keep a good and fun training plan if I really want it to happen.
For todays long run, I planned a 12 Miler. The weather was great, mid to high 60’s (I love California!), my body was feeling good, and mentally I was ready.
During the course of the run, my legs were feeling the common aches and pains that come with the territory of running. But what made this run enjoyable was, mentally I stayed positive and really enjoyed being out running. When a negative thought would try to enter my mind, I would excuse it as fast as it came. I played some really cool easy listening music that kept me singing along and peacefully distracted… All in all it was a great workout! I must have enjoyed it a bit much because as you’ll see in the pix below, I ended up doing 14 miles as opposed to the 12 miles I planned… Today was a good day. πŸ™‚

Now that my long runs are staying at double digits, I will start sacrificing 15 minutes of my day by driving out to the beach and trading in this view (pic below) with a beach view… I think it is a good decision, not just for aesthetics, but also for the fact that I won’t have to deal with traffic and stop lights, so i can KEEP RUNNING! (I found today that the stopping and starting starts wearing me down…It might just be in my head though?!)

Whoa..That hair! LOL


Nice calves and nice shoes!


This hill is RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF MY ROUTE go figure.


AAaaahhh my supposed half way point Redondo Beach Pier (6 miles). I’m excited because I know during this segment of my run, I will see other people running and cycling… I think this is what made me start wanting to drive out and then run…



Someone looks happy!

Someone looks like they need sunblock! Annnd yes, I ran those stairs…and yes i regretted it.

Pleasantly surprised!…Thanks For Reading!


10 thoughts on “When a long run turns LONGER!

  1. While I do not run nearly as long, I am looking for methods of getting rid of the negative thoughts when they arise! My run yesterday had me almost in tears, and I tried to just focus on my breath and the gorgeous day, but man those thoughts of suckiness are hard to get rid of!

    1. To tears?! I’m so sorry to hear that! You know, when i run or do anything, when negativity arises i’ve learned and still learning that negative thoughts can only hurt me if I choose to allow them to hurt me. Also, when a thought arises, I also consider the validity of the thought. If my negative/ depressing thoughts spring up based on something that is actually happenning in my life, I really do try to be realistic and think that worrying, being depressed or sad reeeeallly isn’t going to help anything, and just throw it up in prayer (or what have you) and trust it will be okay…and if all that fails and feels useless, I throw on some music, play it loud and GO HARD and INTENSE on whatever i’m doing… That usually shut anyones mind up real quick! Hope that helps and good luck and stay strong!!!:)

      1. Thanks for replying! I could tell it was just negative thoughts, because I assessed my body and I felt fine. It was just so strange, but maybe like how people say they sometimes get overwhelmed when meditating. I’ll take your suggestions to heart!

  2. Great job buddy!! You’ve unlocked the secret to long distances… a great playlist, a positive attitude, and a “OH! Look at the world around me!” mentality. I never understood how important it is to take a look around while running and ENJOY IT! Funny side note… I rode bikes from Manhattan Beach to Redondo today. πŸ™‚ It was pretty freaking gorgeous today!! Keep it up!!

    1. Thank you sooo much and yes I WILL enjoy it! Wow that is funny… a fellow “South Bayer” yahoo! I’m sure you’ll prolly see me running along the bike path one day…don’t hesitate to say hi or throw something at me! LOL Thanks for reading my post!

  3. Would gladly trade ANY of the places you run for the ones I have here…snowing again 😦
    Need for sun and warm temperatures NOW!

    Like the attitude regarding the negatives thoughts. I noticed than any run I have fine after having had a bad news it similar are some if the best runs I did! Long runs have my preference especially for clearing out the head.

    Enjoy your day! From my side, am tradingSweden for Spain today and a couple of days…work but still… πŸ˜‰

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