Lunchtime Brrrrrick!

So far so good! I’ve hit it hard all week. Feeling really good ( besides the typical soreness), i’m excited to weigh in tomorrow morning.

On January 21 I weighed in at 5.6 pounds overweight.. So I’m interested to see where i’m at tomorrow!

This week consisted of lots of cardio, strength training and cardio:)

Today we did a Brick workout for lunch.
Here’s our makeshift transition area at work, it is literally under the stairwell that leads to my office.


Here we go for the first of 3 segments of our workout: 1 mile run


How confident these guys look! One of them is a triathalete for csulb… I have to say it’s an honor to train with him!


Everyones looking strong! Unfortunately i’m falling behind because I’m taking pictures! LOL


We do an approxiamate 7ish minute pace and we make it back to T1 (transition 1) we’re pretty relaxed, this is not a race, just pure training, on a lunchbreak for crying out loud!


We proceed to mount our bikes and smash out a quick 6 mile bike ride. It looks like Ryan, Yonathan and George are ready to rock!



The bike ride felt great, my legs were a bit sore from the night before when I did the crit training, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to push it. Our buddy Yano has a triathalon in 4 weeks so I’m trying my darndest to get him trained up and conditioned.

During the bike ride it was mostly Ryan and me trading pulls in the front maintaining a good 22-24 MPH (btw Ryan uses a fixed gear bike so much props to him!). Unfortunately the pace kept breaking the 5 of us apart so I attempted to slow it a little so we can stay together…atleast ’til we reached the turn around point.

From the turn around point It was pretty much, “let’s get a good workout in!” We were going a good pace between 24-27 MPH, but again it was only Ryan and me. When the others would catch up, I would slow it a tad and push them that were falling behind to close the gap, some of them heeded while others were jus spent.

By the last mile It was pretty much every man for himself. I was in a weird cocky mood so I decided to draft a car that just started going at a green light which pulled me at 30 MPH… I know, I know very unsafe. LOL

When we got back to the transition area, I felt we got back pretty fast and only 29 minutes had past, when I announced that, Yano was like “well yah 25 MPH” I just laughed it off and encouraged another 1 mile run.

The group was excited to do it! Jk they probably weren’t but I’m proud of them, they did it!


The workout was great, ran a mile, rode 6 miles and ran another…35 ish minutes, not bad for a lunchbreak!


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