Love your creative space.

There’s nothing like having a creative space that makes you feel comfy and cool. A nice, functional creative space not only makes things easier to come to work to, but it also adds to the work experience in every way imaginable. It’s also a great way to show who you are, and express yourself as an artist. The following is a quick little tour of my creative space… Enjoy the tour!


Double Screen Set Up
I love having my double screens to work with. Having my artboard on one screen and my palettes on the other makes creating all the more efficient.


Wacom Tablet
I Love working with my Wacom Tablet! The day I started working with one of these 13 years ago, I never went back. Creating with the pen keeps my arm and wrist movements natural and also in my opinion prevents CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome).


Ergonomic Chair
I Love this chair. It’s comfy enough to kinda sink down into, blast music and “Zone out” in. And, it’s sturdy and stiff enough to hold good posture and not tip over if I happen to fall asleep! LOL

Spare Laptop
I love having this old laptop that doesn’t work, well except when I want to play a DVD! This is a must when i’m tired of listening to music or podcasts. There’s just something about having a movie playing for background noise. It brings a different creative feel to the office for me, it kinda feels like i’m working at home when i have a movie playing as I work. Can anyone guess what movie is playing?


I Love having this fridge! I love having it stocked with drinks of my choice. It’s also a great help in keeping me bringing my lunch in, ingredients to cook or snacks that need to be refrigerated.


Sitting Area
Lastly, I love having this space for when I have visitors or interoffice clients. I especially enjoy having this sitting area for when I’m on the phone with vendors, people asking about their projects or when I just want to get from being in front of my computer and relax my eyes. This space also adds to the “creative vibe” of my office by offering a place to sit and just think and conceptualize.

That’s pretty much it! Hope you enjoyed the tour!

I feel really blessed and fortunate to have the freedom and flexiblity to create this space. I never want to take it for granted, and having written about it not only makes me appreciate it more, but it also reminds me to never forget where I’ve come from…but thats a whole ‘nother story!


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