Double dipped it today.

Part 1
Had great group workout at lunch today, 30 minutes of huffin’ and puffin’…can’t beat that aye?!

This is what we did…EXACTLY how it’s written (sorry if its tltr):

.5 = 30 seconds 1.0 = 1 minute

.5 Jumping jacks
.5 shuffles
.5 butt kicks
.5 run in place
.5 hop side to side
.5 jumping jacks
1.0 hk
.5 jumping jacks
.5 low jacks
1.0 line to line shuttle runs
.5 push ups
.5 dips
.5 curl rt
.5 curl lt
.5 squat hold curl rt
.5 squat hold curl lft
.5 run out
.5 run back
The group thought that was easy…
Warm up is done nowwww.
No Rest!
1.0 mountain climbers
1.0 lime to line shuttle run
.5 push ups
Nice push ups Ryan!



.5 dips
1.0 squat hold curl rt
1.0 squat hold curl left
.5 push ups
.5 dips
.5 lime to line shuttle runs
.5 butt kicks
1.0 military shoulder press
1.0 dumbell raise
1.0 burpies
I guess the easy part is over i see quittage! Lol But it’s all good!



1.0 run out
1.0 run back
1.0 push ups
.5 shoulder press
.5 dips
1.0 dumbell raise
.5 leapin moutainn climbers
1.0 leg lift
.5 leg flutter
1.0 upright bicycles
1.0 bicycles
1.0 fingers to palms


I felt it was a straightforward workout, where we all had a chance to give our own level of intensity. We chose our own weights and pushed our own pace. We went straight through, with no rest…was oh so yummy!

Part 2
Finally, yes, finally I get to post about Cycling! Yayyyy!


I went to a Criterium training tonight. What’s a criterium? Glad you asked. Criteriums usually take place in business parks and usually have 4 corners which obvioulsy make a loop. This is where a group of cyclists anywhere between 20-50 riders come out and do laps (where i do this the lap is 1 mile) for 30-60 minutes. This involves more technique and strategy, not just speed and power…a whole lot of pacelining happens in these races up until the last lap is called then its an all out sprint!
Criteriums are reeeallly fun and yes, dangerous. A perfect example of how dangerous crits can be was tonight. I was less than a bike length away from the guy in front of me, and all of a sudden he went out of control, spilled in front of me, I only had a second to react and all I did was move probably 3 inches to the right and barely missed him. Unfortunately, the guy behind me didn’t react as fast and ran the poor guys front wheel over…it was done. Thankfully the guy that crashed only had some bruising and roadrash…his bike on the otherhand was thrashed.

Once we knew all was well, we continued on with the training.

I only committed to a 30 min session, which was enough for me…let’s remember, i already worked out today! LOL
I felt good and fresh during the ride, legs felt good and breathing was nice and controlled. All in all it was a good workout.

Total time: 30 minutes.
Average speed: 20 mph
Top speed: 27 mph

Today was a good day:)


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