I had a workout for lunch, and it was good!

Had a great group lunchbreak run/workout today!
The plan for the day was to run 3 miles and do some ab work at the end.
We have a guy training for a local sprint triathalon so I wanted to push the pace a tad at the end of the run.

We all ran nice, smooth and strong. For me, I was feeling great, I didnt even have headphones on which makes me happy! As we ran we were having light conversation about work, joking around a bit up until we started approaching the all too familiar last mile stretch where we knew intervals and pain was going to be had.
As we approached the last mile, we all got quiet and started rampin’ up for what I like to call “playing lightpoles”… this is where we run an 8 min pace and every other pole we would sprint (according to strava, we were spiking under 4 min paces) to the next pole (sorry no pix cuz I WAS DYING!).

The intervals were disgustingly awesome, I was dead, but alive with the knowledge that what I just did was invest in better future runs.
Once we got back to the meet spot, we did a total of 350 reps of various abs.


Was feeling feeling the burn in the abs!!!

Looks like only one of us survived the ab session! Lol

All in all it was a good workout today. Our buddy Yano (the guy training for the tri) did good, he’s getting stronger he should do well for the event. I was glad to have worked out today, in fact we all felt good and strong and was glad to have showed up!



6 thoughts on “I had a workout for lunch, and it was good!

  1. I need to take this advice… only thing preventing afternoon lunch workouts are clients. I don’t think smelling like baby wipes and sweat is appealing. Wish our facility had showers!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    1. Hahaha I totally understand… I think that is the same reason why a handful of people fell off our group. We had about 14 people strong, getting a good workout in…but going back to work looking thrashed started becoming an issue for some..fortunately for me, I ALWAYS look thrashed… that’s the upside of being an artist i suppose! LOL 🙂

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