Never miss your Monday workout!

Yes! Got a comp day off from work today for pulling an all day/ nighter on my last project. I guess working hard pays! Now i get play:)

I dropped the kids off to school at 8am, went back home and SLEPT ’til 1145am… I haven’t slept in like that for awhile…it must have been the latenight Disneyland run with the kids and then ending up at a Ramen House til 10 pm that wiped me out. Okay, I have to be honest, I did stay up late and watched a crazy gang doncumentary on netfix til about 1am:/ (i was intrigued! LOL)

When i woke up, my first thought was that I wasted my day, and I started to feel regret, but then I forced myself to think that REST IS GOOD, so I went on with my “not so morning” morning, took a shower, cooked a quick bite and was going to either shop for some new running shoes or go to the bike shop and look for some roof racks.

But as I was heading out the door, I saw how nice it was outside and thought..hmmm it would have been nice to ride or get a nice run in. I looked at the time, I only had 2 hours to spare because I promised the kids I’d pick them up from school and take them bowling. What to do?! I really wasn’t sure what to do ‘cuz I was already showered and dressed and ready to hit the door?!
Then I had a thought, one thing i always seem to say to those I’ve trained in the past….”Never miss your Monday workout!” So I shut the door, brewed a quick cup of coffee out of the Keurig and ran upstairs to change into my running gear.

I ran 10 miles Saturday, took a day off Sunday, so I decided to run an easy paced 3 miler to start my week.

It was a nice sunny 65ish BUT with lots of WIND!

It was soooo darn windy as you saw in the pic with the flags, that it turned my hair into some Bieber look or something! LOL


The run was great, was feeling good. I learned from the last run (my last post) that running with music I love to sing along with is the best bet to distract me from over thinking my form, so I threw the whole “Smiths” album on:) (I do want to get back to training without music, but I will settle for this right now.)
Seems like this route has a bunch of American Flags on it! Go ’emerica!

We just got alot of rain so now it looks like I was running on some cool trail, don’t let the pic fool ya! Lol

Home stretch and feeling good!

So I get back home, shut my Strava App off and while I’m stretching I discover I ran a tad longer than I planned to…yay me!

I’m now pleasantly surprised.

I finish stretching, still feeling pumped, I run upstairs, shower, make me a protein shake and have 30 minutes to spare before i pick the kiddies up! Success!

This day has truly been one of the best days off I’ve had. I rested, I ran and ended it with seeing 2 hours of this:



And of course my kiddies got to experience me handlin’ business like a boss!:)



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