It’s never too late to learn…

I had a great day at the office… Some of you may already know that i’m a Graphic Designer/Art Director, but what you don’t know is that i’m not ashamed to admit that I’m probably the most non-techy person that sits behind a keyboard.

Yes i do graphics, emails, facebook, instagram even wordpress, but anything outside of that, I’m pretty brain dead.

It wasn’t ’til recent events that my friend/ graphic designer Joe Chavez (Thanks Joe!) started inspiring me to learn and push more. If there is one thing I notice about my buddy Joe, is that when he’s faced with a challenge, especially in the field of graphics or web, he hits it straight on and learns, researches and figures it out! I have to admit, that got fire under my butt to learn or even show an interest in learning what I seemed to avoid the most, which is web basics.

Let me tell you, i’ve been doing this stuff for roughly 13 years, I’m pretty comfortable as an artist and art director. I started adopting the thought of “hey, I dont need to know it all to be the director…thats what i have people working under me for..” boy was I wrong.  A recent turn of events happened where I design,  where we are under new management and now it seems that we have to start “showin’ our stuff”.  Yeah I can say, design-wise i am up for the challenge, but in the area of web or anything that has to do with code/html, linking files or making things interactive I didn’t have any confidence. Today that all changed.

We were a tad slow today, so I committed to spend an hour with Joe and sit and learn about the basics of creating HTML files.

At first, it felt like my brain was melting, and then all of a sudden, It all started coming together. Joe introduced me to the world of dreamweaver, ftp’s, and online linking, I was excited to learn and even more than that, I was excited that I actually understood how to do it!

All I have left to say is now I feel I have much more to offer in addition to offering graphics. I also feel hungry and curious to learn more and more and to see where this can lead me in the future. This excites me because it’s another thing added to my arsenal to better serve those that come my way. I’m happy because today, learning something new, has opened up my mind to the fact that it really isn’t too late to learn, and it’s too early to stop learning.


3 thoughts on “It’s never too late to learn…

  1. Thanks for checking out my blog. I totally understand where you are coming from. And I just recently graduated. The web world…it can be overwhelming, and so technical that it can seem to suck out the creativity rather than enhance it. Once it is learned and understood, the possibilities are endless….

    1. Your welcome, and thank you as well for visiting and reading my post, I agree, i feel once i start learning more i will start designing with the possibilities of web and UI in mind…so awesome!

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