How bad do I want it?


I Looked out my window this morning and the rain i saw pretty much emptied me from the desire to go on the 5 mile run i planned to do the night before. This kinda bummed me out because i really wanted to hit it.

A week ago i took a week off from all exercise. During that week i gained 3.6 pounds (i know right?) and then this week i gained another 2. A total of 5.6 gained and now…its a total that I HAVE TO LOSE! And i will.

As I went back and forth in my head as to whether i was going to run or not, i kept checking the window…rain. Looked again, raining harder. Now let’s get one thing straight, i don’t mind running in the rain, or the cold, it’s just running in the rain wasn’t quite what i imagined doing this morning and I wanted to do 5 miles and I just wasn’t in the mood to deal with it.

As the morning progressed I could hear my 8 year old twins start to wake up, so now i’m  reeeeallly feeling like the run is not going to happen. See, I like to take care of all my exercise before the family wakes up so i’m not taking away from “family time”.  Needless to say, now that they are up, if i decide to run, i will be taking away from the time. So i proceed to do my fatherly duties and cook them breakfast, now they are happy and full. So i think to myself, okay, here’s my chance to get out, so i get my running gear on and while i’m doing that, I hear my wife annnnnd teeny bopper daughter getting up. “Dangit!”  LOL so i run downstairs, cook them about 50 pancakes (ok just 10 small pancakes) and announce to them that breakfast is ready for them. So now i’m really in the clear, everyones fed, happy and doing there own Saturday mornjng enjoyment. My boys are playing xbox, my daughter is on the computer and my wife is getting ready for the day.

I decide to look out the window again… And then i go outside…

YES! The rain has stopped, and i think to myself, “if you don’t do it now, your never gonna do it!” So I kiss my fam and head out for my 5 miler…

I start my run right when I get off my driveway, (sorry no pix… I didn’t want to risk messing up my phone if it happened to start raining again) about 20 steps into the run IT STARTS RAINING! At this point, i’m just happy to be out and running, so i decide to keep going. I kind of laugh at myself because I stalled out that long, went through being a “short order cook”, and after all that, i’m still running in the rain! LOL

The first mile wasn’t bad at all, considering I ran 3 miles yesterday, i could feel a slight tightness in my legs, but it was all good. At 2.5 miles, I ended up at a crossroad. If I turn left, that would be the planned route of 5 miles, if i keep going straight, that route would end up being 10 miles.

I was very tempted to try and tackle 10 miles. I was hesitant though, because in the recent past, i’ve been getting injured, and the longest distance i’ve ran recently is only 3 miles…so I really wasn’t sure how confident i was going to be the whole 10 miles…

I decided to go straight under one condition, watch my form!

10 miles it is, no turning back! Between mile 3-5 I was feeling good, had a nice 8 min pace going, feeling strong and keeping good form but in my opinion, my thoughts about how i was running, and being a tad too careful was killing the bliss I usually feel when I run. I finally made it to my halfway mark, I started feeling a tad tired in my legs, but I just kept going…

The real challenge was between 5.5 and 8.5 mile mark, the more my legs got tired, the more I started losing form and despite the fact that I had my headphones on full blast, all i was thinking about was my form. Over thinking my form agitates me, and makes me feel like stopping. I tried to ignore my thoughts and get lost in the music, but I just couldn’t it was hard. That 3 mile stretch was a tough one because I was thinking too much on form and not at all enjoying the run or even the music! Although I didn’t stop running, and I kept pushing, I was feeling frustrated and feeling like the run was a waste of energy and most importantly time.

Finally, a nice song comes on from “The Smiths” and i start singing along, probably irritating the pour souls that was anywhere near the hearing distance of my voice! All of a sudden, I find myself in a sweet spot, not thinking at all, so i keep going… the last 1.5 miles was probably the best stretch I ever had. I literally felt like I was in my own world and finally felt the enjoyment of the run.

Needless to say, despite all the mental drama, I’m still glad I did it. I planned for a 5 mile run, ended up doing 10 miles in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The thing I’m most happy about is that I didn’t quit, and as I write this post, I am injury free! Now I am excited to bump my mileage up! How much you ask? We’ll see…It all depends on how bad I want it!


5 thoughts on “How bad do I want it?

  1. Well done 🙂 I find the biggest motivation battles are won by just getting changed into your running gear and stepping outside, once you’re there you wonder where the hesitation ever came from! It’s raining pretty heavy here today too and I can relate to how you felt, but you’ve inspired me to get out there and enjoy it regardless 🙂

    1. Thank you! I totally agree with you, i find the hardest part of any workout is..showin’ up! Haha but yah, thanks for reading my blog and i’m glad and shocked that I with all my “drama” have inspired you! 🙂

  2. I often find myself singing along to my iPod as I’m running as well! Who knows what passers-by must think!?… (but who really cares?)

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