stay gold.


I created this for our company Cycle Love Clothing. It actually isn’t up yet, the company is, but not the site with this new artwork.

This piece means so much to me.

Growing up in the 80’s, the movie and book “The Outsiders” (which is where the quote “stay gold” is from. I know, it’s from a Robert Frost poem, but it was quoted in the movie as well) really affected my life, my view, and my being in this world. To me, I’m involved in a  whole lot, whether it be at church, work, play or fitness events… I always seem to be a part of what’s going on but something deep inside seems to give me the perception of still being on the “outside”.

Either way, sorry to get so deep, this piece represents not only the love for bicycles I have, but at the older age that I am, I still love getting lost in art, I still enjoy beautiful sunsets and i still appreciate, the innocent fun of a bicycle. Stay gold.



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