Is it just me? 

  Is it just me? I’m in a city not my own. A place where nothing is familiar. No friends. I feel i don’t act like all these people. I don’t believe like these people. And i sure don’t look like these people. Even my kids feel the same way. 

Is it jus me? Even when i’m in a place. A city my own. A place where all is familiar. With Friends. Social settings. Parties. Even church. I feel, I don’t act like these people. I don’t believe like these people. And yes, I sure don’t look like these people. And sadly. My kids feel the same way.

I’ve always had the self named “outsider” term attached to me, for example, on social media platforms, currently, my instagram username is @Outsider24601. Twitter, myspace, even had emails with the term outsider somewhere in there. From an early age of watching the movie “The Outsiders” i’ve always related to being an “outsider”.

What is an Outsider? To me an “outsider” is a person that is active in society, works, goes to school, church, even goes to social gatherings, and is “part” of it but “feels” he or she isn’t. He or she can be really involved, even be the main person of an event or organization, but deep within himself knows he is not fully part of it. An Outsider may know everyone by name and at the sametime not be known by the same people. Even in club settings, say in a hobbyist type club setting like weightlifting or cycling, the outsider is part of it, is involved, but there is always something that makes him feel disconnected with everyone around him, even if they are doing the same thing.

Is it just me? There’s an array of lyrics in various songs from various artists that speak on the same thing. From the Ramones’ “Outsider” to Morrissey’s “Ambitious Outsiders” songs, I feel that I am not alone.

I feel it isn’t just me. I feel if people were deeply honest with themselves, and purposely drew back to see from the “outside in” they would probably be surprised in the realization that they too are on the outside. I’m not saying this to depress anyone. But to make people aware that even in the most closest, personal, intimate settings, to feel alone, or feel like an “outsider” is actually normal. I feel we were not created, or meant to be EXACTLY like everyone else. I feel we are not meant to totally “fit in”.

I’ve felt this way all my life. How do I deal with it? To me, it’s all a matter of perception. It used to depress me. Now, I embrace it. I celebrate the slight differences that make me or others feel unique. I encourage not only myself but even others that feel the same way to know that no matter where you go, you belong there just like anyone else. Whatever you do, you have the ability and power within to do the task just as good as the next person. And whoever you are, you have a right to be and look and feel and act, just like the next person. There are no superstars in the world we live in. It is our world as well.

So. Is it just me? No. It’s not just me. Although at times…. It feels like it.

Starting up again.

Hi Guys! It has been a year or two since my last blog post. After much thought, I decided to give blogging another earnest go.

Life has changed much since my last post.

I’ve picked up heavylifting as my exercise of choice. Just started riding again. I’ve become the Media Director at the place where i was the graphic designer. My twin boys are now going to be in jr. High and my daughter will soon be a senior in highschool. And yes. I’m still married. 

What made me come back to blogging? Hmmmm thats a tough one.

I was once told that “the world needs to know you, so use social media for that”. I agree and though i am very active on instagram ( @outsider24601 ) Where actively follow and am followed by a beautiful array of people, i feel i want a tad more. Im not hear for gain, or popularity. Im here to again, “be known”. Thanks for reading!

Oh. And here’s a pic of my lil family celebrating my boys culmination from the 5th grade.




I am currently sitting on a curb in Long Beach, California writing this post.

Joe and I were enjoying our weekly commute in to work this morning, and wham! A flat!

No big deal right? RIGHT.
We as cyclist are supposed to be self sufficient right? RIGHT.

Well it turns out both of us don’t have CO2 cartridges!!! Arrrgh!!! Well the truth of the matter is, I had a Co2, but i wasted it trying to show Joe there was nothing in it! Fail fail FAIL!

Thankfully our buddy Yanothan is coming to our rescue!

Lessons learned this morning about riding:

Be sure you have tubes.

Be sure you have Co2 cartridges or a pump.

Be sure you have friends to bail you out!





aahhh…FINALLY crashed the LA Marathon.


Not sure if ya’ll have heard of this. It’s the Wolfpack Hustle® Marathon Crash Race. Look it up! It’s a huge race (ride) that Happens every year in Los Angeles, California.

The reason it is called the “Crash Race” is because the race takes place at 4am on the actual LA Marathon course BEFORE the marathon happens. We basically “crash” the course. Is it illegal? NO. It used to be, but it gained such a local popularity and now nationwide, this is now known to be the biggest non-sanctioned race that is actually supported by the city of Los Angeles, and is even aided by the LAPD….go figure! ( I do have to give much credit to the leader of Wolfpack Hustle® Don Ward aka Roadblock because if it weren’t for him going to all the city council meetings, dealing with the police and being the bicycle activist that he is, this event would not be what it is today!)

Going back to the race, and my own personal back story of this event.

I have known about this event roughly 3 years already and missed it every year. It’s not that I never wanted to do it, it’s just to me it is a huge production for to not only wake up or stay up and then do what most groups of people do to make this race a convenient thing to do in the wee hours of the night, which is bring 2 cars, drop one car off in Santa Monica at the finish line and bring the other car to the start line annnnnd then at the end of the race, drive the car at the finish to pick up the car that was left at the start! (Even typing the process makes me feel lazy! LOL!) Also, being the non-morning person I am, the very thought of waking up at 12:30am to go riding in 57ish degree weather just never seems appealing to me!

I had a long day already, woke up at 8am, got the family up and out to Universal Studios for some fun famtime for the day. When we got back from Universal Studios I thought: Hmmmmm I think I’ll have enough time to get a quick nappy in before our scheduled meet time of 1am (yep 1am). Boyyyyy was I wrong!

I had to get my bike ready and round up my riding gear, which took me up to 11pm. I thought okay, let me get at least an hour and a half of some shut eye in. I asked my wife for a favor to wake me up at 12:30am before she went to bed, and she being the awesome wifey she is obliged.

So as I’m trying to knock out, I’m starting to imagine the race, who’s going to be there, how’s the course going to be at 4am in the morning, so on and so forth. NOW things are starting to get real, I COULDN’T SLEEP!!! My wife let’s me know that it is now 12:30am, and now I am feeling anxious, tired and not feeling like doing the event.

I dig deep, get up and pump myself up and tell her “alright, time to rock n’ roll!” I was hoping that impressed her…It didn’t. I think she fell asleep right when she woke me up! ugggggh. LOL

So, now I’m ready, 1 am comes quick…Here’s a picture of our (Ryan, Yanothan and Mine) Bikes ready to rock this thing!!! Notice the nice “cyclelove” stickers?! Yay!


We drive out to Santa Monica to drop off one of the cars. I have to admit, one of the biggest things that was giving me anxiety was wondering about the whole parking situation. Los Angeles can be really ticket/tow crazy in these areas, ESPECIALLY Santa Monica! Thankfully, my anxiousness was put to rest when we discovered a public parking area that is literally a half a mile away from the finish line…Thank God!!! When we got such an awesome parking spot, I took that as a sign that it was going to be a spectacular night! I was happy!

We get to the meet spot in Hollywood at around 2 am, we are early, which is fine, because we now had to look for a spot to park the other car. Again, we are blessed with another great parking…RIGHT NEXT TO THE START! Now I’m really excited!

So since we are early, we decide to just chill and chit chat in the car, til the 3:30am meet time comes around. As I said, we just hung out in the car, but not too much chit chatting happened because we were all tired!

Around 3 am we start hearing a bunch of hootin’ and hollerin’. I look through my rear view mirror, I start seeing bicyclists of all different styles and not to mention different walks of life, trickling in one after another. The voices that started to be just a lil murmur started to become a soft roar, and now we new, not only was it time to get out of the car, but it was now time for us to experience this crazy event! Here we go!

This is Ryan lookin’ tough and Yano with a nice smile! (notice the cyclists in the back…you ain’t seen nothing yet!)


Ryan again looking tough, or looking like an alien is looking through his eyes! And yep, that me! (what is with my James Dean hand gesture? I’m missing a cigarette btw dur dur dur)


As we turn the corner, we are smacked in the face with such a huge crowd of people…all on bikes, and yep, it was an awesome site!

Cyclists of all different sorts… Racers, Riders, BMX, Mountain Bikers even tall bikes! You name it, all bikes you can think of were out there, some to race and some like us, just to have fun and experience this event.




It felt good flying my cycling group colors… atleast on my legs! It was too dang cold to not wear a jacket!


This is a nice panoramic pic Yanothon took…this is just to give you an idea of the crowd….


The ride started with a rolling start that was lead by an LAPD patrol car, which was kinda cool and made the event feel kinnnda safe. Kinda.

Me being the seasoned cyclist and group rider amongst the 3 of us, I felt a bit responsible for the guys… I warned them not to get caught up in the speed and know we are not “racing” so it’s not worth getting in a crash over. (btw, there was 7 crashes reported, I saw 4 of them, one with a woman knocked out cold ont the street) They agreed and we went our way cautiously along and through the mass of riders. I was really impressed, proud and happy that the 3 of us actually stayed together throughout the ride. You have to understand, we are men and men get their egos in the way all the time, especially during events, so it was nice to see how cool headed we all were being towards each other and the other cyclist by not feeling the need to race or get mad at every other rider that happened to pass us.

The ride was great. Riding through LA was awesome, especially cause the fact that the streets were blocked off. I’ve ridden these streets many times, so I was especially excited for Ryan and Yanothan, because I knew they were going to enjoy the sites, different textures and even smells of this diverse city I know and love called LOS ANGELES!

This is us going through Beverly hills…Sorry that the pic is so blurry…. while I was riding, I realized I wasn’t shooting pictures, and I didn’t think it safe to shoot pictures while there are hundreds of cylists around, but I took my chances:)


Go Ryan!

Nice close up of me and a photobomb by Ryan!

Ryan looks like his daughter here…


We finally made it! Turns out we did 28 miles in 1hr 32 minutes…not bad for cruising!

Ryan at the finish line in Santa Monica, California.

Yanothan..still smiling!

And me…looking sexy and tired! LOL But all kidding aside, I JUST WANTED MY BED! In this pic below it is almost 6 am and I was up for 22 hours straight…uggggggh.

All in all it was a great night. Was happy to have finally experienced this event. I’d be open to do it again, just as long as I get a nappy in!


Once 10:45 am comes around I can always count on the lunchtime workout texts to start flooding my phone.

I have to admit, with the weather looking pretty iffy I wasn’t really feeling like a workout was going to happen.

At first I opted out of the workout, but of course to be expected (because i workout with a bunch of crazy dudes) I get called out like I’m being some wimp or something, so of course my response to that is… IN IN IN !!!!!

When we all got to the workout spot, it was dry and a tad sunny.

We set up the workout stations, get a little stretch in and get ready to start our 30 minute “Circle of Death” routine.

Annnd that’s when it happens…
Right when we pressed start on the timer it seemed like a huge cloud flew over us and it suddenly started POURING!

So what do we do? We keep going… Warrior status!










Yep! We are looking pretty DONE! LOL



Today’s workout was pretty insane and with rain added into the equation I have to say, it felt like something that came right out of a scene of an epic battle!

Stations were: (in this order)
-5 burpies
Run to next station
-10 Push ups
Run to next station
-10 Push ups
Run to next station
– 15 Tricep Dips on curb

Needless to say, were wet, we were cold and we got ripped!

And after all that, the ironic thing happened. Once the timer stopped…
We must have pleased the gods!

Who’s pushing who?

Is it he who is in the head of the pack or she that is trailing behind by just a couple seconds? Is it the 3rd placer that is pushing the 2nd or the other way around?
It’s pretty hard to tell! I’ve been in these situations, where I’m in the lead and and all along I’m going as hard as I could ‘cuz the 2nd placer is gaining so in a sense they are pushing me…but when the event is over the 2nd placer tells me that I was pushing them?!
Beats me…I know I’m over thinking it and now probably causing you to do the same! Lol

I was at the tail end of being sick so I chose to skip out on this workout, but I got some great pics!

Todays workout was what we like to call the “Circle of Death”. (You mac users know what that means!)

This is when we set up an obstacle course that goes around in a circle that has cones set up at various spots in the circle. Each cone has specific exercises to be performed before you go to the next cone. We set the timer for 30 minutes and go as many times around until the timer ends.

It’s a great workout with a very balanced mix of cardio, weightlifting and/or bodyweight exercises!

Let me give you a virtual tour of the “Circle of Death” mwahahaha:
And they’re off to the first cone!


First cone:
Hold squat curls (10 reps each arm)


Run to the next station…
Station 2
Mountain Climbers (30)


Run to the next station…
Station 3
Lunge to the next station (about 10 yards) checkout the good form!




Station 4
Squats (10 reps)


Station 5
Jump squats (10)



Station 6
The dreaded BURPBEES! (5 reps)



Station 7 Jumping Jack with Press (10 reps)


This routine is is a real burner. This one in particular was packed with leg exercises and full cardio (legs again) with all the running to each station.

On the competitive side, this day was a fun one to watch.

As time went by during the routine, it was very noticeable to see who was pushing hardest to stay ahead and who was trying to keep up. I could also see who was wearing out… It’s totally like watching a race go down, it’s pretty cool!

You see here where Ryan and Jaime start pushing the pace and start leaving the others behind!

The next flow of pictures are just to show how crazy it looks when the leads start peeling away from the rest of the bunch…(I am not in any way trying to humiliate anyone, it’s just a visual)

Check out the gap between the lead and the rest of the group!


Uh oh… The gap is starting to shrink!


This is what I meant earlier by asking who’s pushing who?! Because the way it looks is 1 is pushing 2 and 2 is pushing 3 (and yes you can reverse this cuz it appeared that way as well!)


And now you can see a huge gap!


And now these 2 are competely peeled off!


You can see Jaime and Ryan about to lap the other two!


Last lap and they are done!


This indeed was an awesome workout to watch… All these guys did great! I do have to hand it to this girl though!


She was pushing it her hardest, staying on the lead guys back the entire time… She wouldn’t let up!!!

If there is anything I personally want you to get from this post and photos is this:
Keep pushing where you are…1st, 2nd or last! I’t doesn’t matter, you must keep moving, you must keep keeping on! It doesn’t matter where you are at, it only matters if you keep going and never, i say NEVER, ever….quit!